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Nigerians love to travel. They go everywhere all year round. Studies have, however, shown that travel figures peak in summer, largely because of clement weather abroad. People travel to visit friends and relatives and also for business. On these trips, they need a lot of money for upkeep and to shop. There was, therefore, no better time than the summer to convince Nigerians of the need to shed their age-long cash culture and embrace card payment: VISA


Our task was to highlight the challenges associated with travelling with cash while encouraging our target to go with a Visa card.



What did we do? We focused our attention on Visa’s ubiquity, convenience, name recognition and global acceptance as a preferred and secure payment option. We sought to prove that ‘Visa speaks all languages even when you don’t’ thus providing ‘Ease of use when you are abroad.’

To implement our plan we chose social media and came up with the hashtag - #NotATourist. The campaign ran on our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) but was supported with press adverts, radio jingles, online advertisement in the form of web banners on popular websites and

blogs as well as bank partnership adverts. In order to make the campaign more engaging, incentives were introduced to reward participants.



We had some record breaking engagements during the promo period. Facebook was used largely to drive awareness while Twitter was used primarily to drive participation.

Reach – 4,775,528

Users Engaged – 376,488

Total new likes during campaign period – 32,709

Campaign mentions on twitter – 584

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